I’ve changed all of my UNs on the internet.

Formerly @alliekinssss on twitter instagram and tumblr

now I’m reneekennet

Why the change? I’ve had the username @alliekinssss for YEARS, since high school. And prior to that it was @purplecovergurl. I made that in middle school. Long story. Don’t ask.

I took a name survey here on tumblr a few months/weeks ago. And I ended up really liking one of the results which happened to be “Reneé Kennet.”

Recently I started to feel that “alliekinsssss” was too immature for me. I mean, it’s still me! You can call me alliekinssss on the street and I’ll still answer you. But I was starting to not like it as much as before. And then recently I started making more friends around the world on the internet. Mainly twitter. And it made me uncomfortable for them to know my real name and such. You know the drill. So, I started off by changing my twitter title from my real name to Reneé Kennet. And I got a lot of good feedback from it.

And tonight I made the change.

I stlll  occupy the title “alliekinssss” on twitter instagram and tumblr tho just incase I change my mind if you were wondering.

okay carry on.


The change happened at 7pm PST.